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File Sharing Debate: Jammie Thomas-Rasset $1.5 Million Bill

File Sharing Debate: Jammie Thomas-Rasset $1.5 Million Bill

Capitol Records, Inc. v. Thomas-Rasset was the first file-sharing copyright infringement lawsuit in the United States brought by major record labels to be tried before a jury. The defendant, Jammie Thomas-Rasset, was found liable to the plaintiff ... In July 2011, the court ruled that the $1.5 million award was "so severe and.... It's also the story of Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the Brainerd, Minn., mother of ... (in Thomas-Rasset's case when the fine reached $1.5 million) and ... The RIAA last year argued for trillions in damages from file-sharing service LimeWire. ... language without public debate into an unrelated bill that potentially.... popular file sharing site KaZaA to obtain twenty-four songs (McDonald, 2011). Unlike other file sharing cases, Thomas-Rasset decided to take the case to court.... Thomas-Rasset was the nation's first file-sharer to challenge a Recording ... for the same offense $222,000, $1.92 million and $1.5 million.. In her most recent trial over music sharing, Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found guilty and ordered to pay the RIAA $1.5 million. ... that have cost the organization a significant amount by file sharing, does the RIAA pursue a court case. ... illegally downloaded song, but these amounts are up for debate and.... Jammie Thomas Refuses To Make RIAA Propaganda In Exchange For ... Tenenbaum To Supreme Court: Let's Get This Constitutional Debate On ... for file sharing -- a jury awarded the labels $675,000 for the sharing of just a few songs. ... Thomas-Rasset has been hit with a $1.5 million verdict for sharing.... Thomas-Rasset has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear her ... of her conduct, but to the injury caused by file sharing in general. ... under which they can threaten hundreds of thousands or millions of ... We can debate about how much loss there really was in the Thomas-Rasset ... Only if you use $1 bills.. The Supreme Court on Monday let stand a jury's conclusion that infamous file-sharer Jammie Thomas-Rasset pay the recording industry $222,000 for downloading and sharing two dozen copyrighted songs on the now-defunct file-sharing service Kazaa. Without comment, the justices declined (.. Jammie Thomas-Rasset lives with her husband, Chad, and their children in Brainerd ... The reason seemed pretty clear: Six years after suing the file-sharing service ... Toder's client hadn't gotten close to keeping up with her legal bills. ... of paper: 24 songs at $62,500 songs came to $1.5 million dollars.. mouse, individuals who download music from file-sharing networks have. 6 17 U.S.C. 501 (2006); ... 2010); see also discussion infra Parts II.BII.C. ... Jammie Thomas-Rasset and Joel Tenenbaum are among ... starring Bill Murray.155. Indeed ... assessed statutory damages of $1.5 million (or $62,500 per song).156. Again.... The defendant, Jammie Thomas-Rasset, was found liable to the plaintiff record company for making 24 songs available to the public for free on the Kazaa file sharing service and ordered to pay $220000. ... should be $62,500 per song, for a total award to the plaintiffs of $1.5 million. ... Destiny's Child, "Bills, Bills, Bills", 1999.. Thong underwear sold by Jammie Thomas-Rasset after her first trial to pay her legal bills ... Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the first US resident to have the file-sharing ... Davis has found that the $1.5 million award was unconstitutional; ... record at for the debate around the NET Act to know that yes,.... A District Court judge has drastically reduced the fine in the Jammie Thomas-Rasset file-sharing case from $1.5 million to to $54000.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset was supposed to become the Joan of Arc of file sharing. ... Thomas-Rasset to pay was respectively: $222,000, $1.9 million, and $1.5 million. ... shared on the Kazaa file-sharing network from Thomas-Rasset's Internet ... Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.. Jamie Thomas-Rasset file-sharing damages back up to $1.5 million ... serious flaws, and the debate that saw it passed in to law was attended by only 6 per cent of ... Jim Lewis and Bill T Jones without his knowledge, authorisation or consent.. What's the appropriate punishment for file-sharing? ... Jammie Thomas-Rasset of Brainerd has asked a judge to reduce the $1.9 million penalty she has been ordered to pay for illegally sharing music. ... Less than a $1 to make one. ... This is the heart of the debate, really: Can we have a moral culture if we.... mother Jammie Thomas-Rasset liable for $1.92 million. 1 ... stop peer-to-peer file-sharing through litigation and reeducation plans,. 9 ... William Sloan Coats et al., Blows Against the Empire: Napster, Aimster, Grokster & the War Against ... For a more extensive discussion of Audiogalaxy, see Tom Kleinpeter,.. They'll see you in court, and sic you for $1.5 million. Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the defendent in that case, argued that the penalty was unfair and arbitrary given that her file-sharing offenses had been no greater than those of millions of ... days: the Daily Planet just received a bill for $875 from Getty Images,.... A Minnesota woman, one of the last people to be individually prosecuted in the US for illegal downloading and file-sharing, faces a $220,000 bill after a federal court ruling on Tuesday. The federal appeals court reversed a district court's decision to reduce Jammie Thomas-Rasset's owed damages to $54,000 from $1.5m.. ... a combined $1 million for allegedly downloading and sharing copyrighted music. The cases of Jammie Thomas-Rasset and Joel Tenenbaum...


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